Sunday, August 19, 2012

I know I have been gone for a while, but oh well. You will get over it. I'm not a full time blogger and this isn't my bread and butter so suck it up.

What I want to complain or bitch about today is racism in the news.  So why is it that if someone is Republican they are automatically racist, and that party was the party that freed the slaves.  If someone is a Democrat, they are automatically not racist, even though Sen Byrd (WV) was in the KKK? I don't get it.

So as a society to we really want equality or just the upper hand? I say we only want the upper hand. Look at what Jackson and Sharpton do when something crazy like the Treyvon shooting or the Duke Lacrosse case.  Both were wrong about the LAX team and the so called "victim" lied about her ordeal and no apology was given. I would have sued for an apology (public at that) and money for emotional stress that they were stirring in public view.  Reverends....ha...more like charlatans.

Everyone screams equality..equality...but when it comes to actual equality among the population, someone is right in there to stir the pot. I don't get it.  Something to think about.

till next time people...