Sunday, April 20, 2014

Guns in today's world and the political bullshit in trying to take them away.

I don't understand why politicians are so hellbent on taking away our liberties starting with the 2nd Amendment. The Bloombergs of the world say they are doing it to make our kids safe. A gun is nothing more than a tool to do a job, either fight a war or self defense and the gun/weapon can't do anything with out a human operating it. I don't see screwdrivers getting up on their own and screwing in screws, this isn't an episode of Handy Manny. If we allow the 2nd Amendment to be taken away, because "of the children" then what is going to keep them from taking away the rest of our civil rights?

Right now it's supposedly about safety, once the 2nd Amendment is taken away what are those people going to do once speech is considered offensive and is limited so that only politically correct speech is allowed to be spoken then what? Right now religious freedom is being attacked because of religious freedom.  The first Bush mentioned NWO (New World Order) in one of his earlier speeches, is this something that is actually in the works?

The way this country is acting right now, we are going to end up following the same path that Venezuela is right now. Everything that they have done under Chavez and the new regime has done nothing other than make the majority of the people poorer while enriching those that are in power. Now, more and more of the people are trying to fight back and the only way that is going to happen is if they have a coup or a Revolution. Problem is that the general population don't have guns anymore because they were taken away, only the government has them. People are starting to fight back in Venezuela, but can only go so far. And no one is willing to help them, which tells me that those in power want to spread this type of government across the globe. I don't get it.

I just hope that I'm totally wrong and maybe, just maybe that Venezuela is in the shape it's in because of a few assholes. Then again, I think there is more behind the scenes. Time will tell. Right now, we have the ability to keep this country free, but if we don't vote these current assholes out, we are going to be standing in line for shit paper.