Sunday, December 21, 2014

Amnesty Executive Order and your thoughts

Here are my thoughts on the Amnesty Executive Order that Obama felt he had the power to do.

Is the Amnesty Bill another way for our very own government to outsource American jobs? Part of the Executive Order (EO) is to make illegal aliens legal, and also allow them jobs (also gives them the right to vote). Why would Obama pass a bill to give jobs to illegals when he has speeches stating that we need to get American's back to work. I guess that by making illegals legal, if you will, he is essentially getting "Americans" back to work and fulfilling his promise, but not to the citizens who were here first and voted him into office. The  money that is used to keep this new EO going Congress can't actually touch since it comes from the fees from those costs provided by those immigrants coming here legally, which is "safe" from Congress's purse strings.   With the Amnesty EO using that money to sustain itself, if those immigrants coming here legally see that they were basically crapped on and decide to stop paying for their legal process, wouldn't the money not coming into the system in essence defund the bill on it's own?  In other words, those trying to come here legally just say screw it and no more money comes in, putting Obama in a position that will not let him enforce that EO.

What do you all think?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pres Obama's Willful Disregards For The American Constitution Regarding Immigration.

For being a Constitutional Law professor, it seems that this current president does what he wants when he wants. When does Congress have to do what the president says?  Since when does the president dictate to Congress that a law needs to be created? He said before he was elected the 1st time, he would fundamentally change our country if elected, boy is he doing it!!!

I'm all for immigration, as long as it is done legally. What the president did was basically spit in the faces of those who have been working hard and patiently to come to this country legally. It's an affront to those people, and to those who are citizens; whether they were legally born here or went through the mountains of paperwork.  The next question to ask is...why? Why did he feel that he has the right to create an Executive Order (EO) to grant illegals amnesty. If they can't follow the law before they are citizens what makes this president think they will follow the law after the fact? What laws can we citizens break? I bet if none of us paid taxes, I bet he would spend all the money the IRS required to come after all of us, but yet he cuts the budget for our Border agents.

This president is fundamentally changing this country, to a more tyrannical government that has more and more control over our daily lives. You have those that are pro-choice, pro-gay marriage who all say stay out of my bedroom, but yet they allow the government to interfere with every other aspect of their daily lives.

Above are a couple of links for you all to take a look at to form your own opinions.

Till Next Time,

Monday, September 1, 2014

Presidential Office rules of naturalization

You know I just saw an article on Drudge that stated that the White House battle for the republican party will most likely be between Cruz and Perry. Here is my "thing" against Cruz, he was born in Canada and his dad is Cuban. 

Since we allowed the current President to become just that, he dad was Kenyan remember and a socialist (explains a lot now doesn't it).  I didn't think then and still think now that Obama wasn't eligible for the Office Of President either just as I do with Sen Ted Cruz.  

What does the Constitution say or what was the mindset when the US Constitution was written in regards to being natural born citizen?  Well the Constitution states the following has to be met to become President:


Article II, section 1, pa. 5: "No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States."

What was our founding fathers' mindset when they made that statement in the Constitution? Remember back in those days, the monarchy married those from other countries, who would be more inclined to "hook" up their country the best way they know how no matter if it hurt the citizens or whatever in the country they were ruling over. This is just my opinion on why our Founding Fathers made sure that "natural born" was added into the guidelines of becoming President.  Do I think that Obama meets these requirements? In a way yes, and in a way no. I believe that both parents should be citizens, therefore, anyone who gets put into that prestigious office has no ties to any other country, and this is why I feel that Obama doesn't meet the requirements. His day is Kenyan, and I wonder where his allegiances lie? This is just my opinion.

'til Next Time

Friday, August 15, 2014

Ummm...What the F**k?

Can someone please tell me why the UN is going after Israel for war crimes? Seriously? You have a terrorist organization who has repeatedly violated cease fire attempts, but nothing from the UN; to be honest I think the UN is actually helping Hamas.

This type of crap makes me so angry I don't know what to do because the amount of stupidity on this is off the charts. Israel is now gearing up to fight some bullshit courtroom war now when there are terrorists in Iraq who are cutting off peoples' (Christian's) heads and putting them on fences. I don't understand where the UN is coming from on this one, and why would the UN even think of doing this.

Here are some links:

Why ISIS should be brought up on war crimes, but no one is going after them:

Proves that Hamas violates cease fires repeatedly and shows that Hamas should be brought up on war crimes.

Friday, August 1, 2014


I wanted to say that I'm appalled that some so called "Americans" support Hamas during the Israel crises that is ongoing at this time. These are the same type of "Americans" that on one hand say they support the troops (blah blah blah), but support actual state sponsored terrorists at the same time. It just boggles my mind.

How can any American, especially with the humanitarian argument these same people use for the the immigration issue we have here, say that what Israel is in-humane but support Hamas hands down. These very same cowardly terrorists train kids from an early age to hate Israel AND IT'S SUPPORTERS, and the best death is dying for Allah.  Hamas uses innocent women and children as human shields, which is cowardly if you ask me, which is something that Israel doesn't do.

Americans, or as I should say the liberal left, support the Palestinians for some sick reason. I don't think that they realize that if some how America did lose to the expansion of Islam, the liberal left would be quickly disposed of.  I think that what it comes down to is political stupidity to be honest. They support a president who is willfully weakening this country, and they are the mouth pieces and pawns in a bigger game failing to realize that once their usefulness is no longer needed, they are going to be a part of the "masses", who they disdain tremendously.  We even have the undersecretary of the DoS, tweeting out pro-Gaza tweets, what the hell is up with that?

People say that this current admin is inept and clueless, I don't think so one bit. I think they are very good at what they are doing and far from being inept. They know exactly what they are doing and we are letting them do it.

On a totally different note (ADD kicking in) here's a couple of links that will get you all fired up.

Have a good day everyone and hope you all have a good weekend. Yes, even you libs out there.

Things are so jacked up right now I don't know where to start.

Since Israel is in the news a lot today, maybe I will write my opinion on it.  Israel as a country are literally battling terrorists, whom are their neighbors. What is crazy is that our very own government is trying to tie the IDF's hands, but that doesn't really come as a surprise since our very own government ties it's own military's hands during wartime. Look at all of the ROE bullshit that was passed down from those who knew what was best and how to fight a battle, all the while drafting BS rules from a safe location here in the US.

Politics should not play any role when it comes to fighting wars. The only thing that everyone should be on board with is to WIN. That's right, what's the use of spending all of that money and having soldiers die for a cause only to lose due to some political bullshit? Makes no sense to me.  Israel, should go in, wipe out an entire block. Once that is done, if they are attacked again, do it again. If it happens again, Israel should tell the Palestinians that if they don't stop these attacks and allow Hamas to use them as shields, this is going to keep happening until the BS stops.  Hamas started it, but Israel needs to win and finish it.  Or they could get Biblical on their butts and just wipe out every Palestinian in the Gaza strip and take care of the issue once and for all. 

The problem that our government and other idiots that support Hamas don't understand is that the Muslims only understand one thing: power.  They have more respect for you if you straight up bitch slap a MFer than try to be his friend. That is why Saddam had to rule with an iron fist, that is the only thing those people understand. It's just the way they are and how they are raised, also it's pretty much encoded in their religion as well.  

So in conclusion, and to keep it short; Israel needs to just wipe Palestine off the map. Israel is getting so much flak for everything they are doing now, might as well do it and win. Israel, most of us Americans support you, I apologize that our government does not.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Immigration and Veteran Affairs

    We all know now that pretty much everyone is up in arms in regards to this whole immigration thing. The President, in addition to all of the other scandals that aren't on the news right now, has another pickle on his plate with this immigration thing.  I keep hearing that either he is inept or incompetent to take care of this issue. I don't think that he's inept, I actually think that this is part of a bigger plan. I was thinking that this was an excuse for this current WH Admin to initiate martial law, but I don't think it's just that and I believe that Andrew Wilkow hit the nail on the comes down to votes.

     Think about it, illegals are coming across the border and are checked out by medical staff and then sent to other locations in the country. Obama has a new HUD director by the name of Julian Castro who Obama appointed recently. With a Hispanic HUD director who is a liberal Democrat; shipping these illegals to parts of the US that could use some influence to get other Dems voted into office makes perfect sense. Why else does this Admin want to give these ILLEGALS identification and voting rights? Why else would they allow that? It isn't about Obama's ineptness, it's about his plans of changing and transforming this country to a place that Obama has been dreaming about since his days of dealing with known famous communists and terrorists. (Alice Palmer, Bill Ayers, etc). What scares me is that Congress isn't doing shit about it. They say that they are against the Democrat party, but inaction to me is compliance and they are no better either. That being said, those GOP members who do nothing need to stop the Dems and Obama's policies are just as guilty as Obama himself and need to be forced out of office.

    This illegal thing also comes up during a time when the VA scandal was taking the front page of every newspaper and news outlet. Since this illegal issue started, nothing has been said about the VA issues, among the other scandals, on any news outlet.  Just because a scandal isn't on the news anymore doesn't mean that the issue is no longer there. Our government, who claims they support the troops and vets pretty much to ad nauseam, don't do anything for them, yet will spend BILLIONS to take care of these illegals.  Again, I believe the GOP is just as guilty for not doing anything either.

    With the items discussed today in this rant, I don't believe in any way that Obama is inept, I think it's all part of a grand plan or agenda if you will. If we as a country don't wake up, we are going to get what we deserve and sooner or later we will end up in the same boat as Venezuela. Wake up America and stop voting in these repeat offenders of the Constitution, both GOP Republicans and Democrats alike.

Working To Keep Us Free,

Monday, July 7, 2014

The End is Nye?

If you've been watching the news and shit, you will see that there is a lot of turmoil and strife going on in the world right now.  I think with the Middle East (ME) all in an uproar, and our own government seemingly supporting these radical assholes, I truly believe that the end is near.

Why you ask? Look around. I used to think that people would never turn their back on religion, but more and more people criticize Christians, saying that those people are stupid for their beliefs, though Muslims seem to be treated as if they are the greatest things since sliced bread. In today's world, you're stupid or ignorant for not believing in God and I believe that those types of people will getting it in the end. Maybe shit is just to real that they just want to not believe because it makes life a bit easier for them.

In Revelations, it says that Christians would be persecuted for their beliefs and that is on point in today's world.  I'm not a religious person, per se, but I believe in God, Jesus, and the evil forces that fight us in our daily lives.  I grew up Assembly of God and is the reason why I turned my back on my faith for a good while, while the entire time I was being shown that there is something truly awesome in existence, but didn't want to believe because of how I saw things growing up. Don't get me wrong I do have my questions, but I do believe and no I'm not baptized either.  In the bible Jesus says that all I have to do is believe in him and ask for forgiveness. Jesus is the one who has the ability to keep things simple, on the other hand man has made things more complicated.

Getting back as to why I think the end is near is because with things going they way they are, our own government claiming publicly that we are not a God fearing nation, really should hit home to the believer and non-believer alike.  I never thought that Christians would be put to death because of their beliefs, but look at what's going on around the world. That very same thing is happening around the world, but people believe that nothing like that would ever happen in the US.  People also thought that the US would never be attacked again and we were Dec 1941 (Pearl Harbor) 1993 (WTC bombing first attempt) and on 9/11.  I hope it doesn't happen here, but with the seemingly growing hatred towards Christians (our own Pres had a few words about Christians and it wasn't good claiming that they are ignorant and hold on to their religion and guns and that basically stupid people do that), more hostile acts against Christians in this country I believe are going to rise unless we do something about it now. The powers to be seem to be working overtime to maintain their power and the people are getting really upset with them currently...remember Cantor got removed from office. 

It's not going to be easy to get back to the way we started, but it is a winnable fight. I know that things look dire right now, but we can and will succeed. We need to get more and more God fearing people in office and vote those power hungry politicians out of office soon. This is an election year for Congress and we need to act hard and swiftly .

My prayers go out to McDaniel who's fighting the republican wing of the Democratic party in his state of Mississippi.  Those power hungry politicians have reduced their tactics to what our enemy uses against us, but they use it on their own people.  I don't know who is more corrupt, Dems or Republicans because at least you know what you're getting with a Democrat. A Republican on the other hand is like a snake in the grass trying to maintain his dominance on the land he travels. Lets vote these people out and get those Tea Party candidates in office. They are the ones who truly reflect our values and beliefs.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Crazyness or Irony

We currently have a president who doesn't think twice about bypassing Congress to get what he wants, and for some reason they don't fight back; even the Democratic Congressmen/women.  During the SOTU address, Obama pretty much told Congress on national TV they are no longer needed, but with all the craziness going on right now in regards to all of the scandals, no one in Congress wants to fight back. I really thought that the Bergdahl case would fire Congress up, but apparently they just send out Tweets to basically say that Obama violated the Constitution but the next time he doesn't notify Congress impeachment will be around the corner. I actually have a hard time believing that, but hey who am I really?

In recent light with the debacle that we know of as Iraq, is a powder keg that's getting ready to explode. I heard on the news coming into work this morning that Obama, whatever his decision is on Iraq, he will not go through Congress. Last time I checked that's a total disregard to the Constitution. I think that anything he does in regards to Iraq, since the ISIS group isn't a direct threat to our nation at this time, should go through Congress first. Obama's not a king, dictator, emperor, etc. He needs to understand that there are checks and balances, and disregarding those balances of power is darn close to treasonous. I hope that Congress sees what is going on right now and acts accordingly. Do not wait until after the 2014 elections, Congress needs to act now. Obama has gone too far, and it seems that no one is willing to fight back. Hell, Obama feels so comfortable knowing that no one is going to fight back, that he pretty much makes it known what his agenda is. He and his administration are not even trying to hide anything anymore. Since the start of his 2nd term Obama has pretty much ran things the way he wants to, and Congress just sits there with their thumbs up their elitist asses. To me, that's pretty much telling me that they are on board not against what Obama is doing.  

Right now, we have a President that just signs executive orders on a whim. He gives weapons, high tech weapons at that, to KNOWN TERRORISTS and GROUPS, but wants to take my guns away from me? On top of that, there are these people whom I refer to DUMBASSES because they support this shit. Why would anyone want to disarm a group of people, who if the SHTF, would die protecting these very same DUMBASSES, but those DUMBASSES support to keep an oppressive government armed to dictate to the masses? It's almost along the same lines, at least to me anyway, government sponsored slavery.  Those in DC dictate on what we should do, what we should cut back on, how we need to live; while they live the life of luxury. This goes for both Republicans and Democrats.

I'm venting a bit here because a lot of things are going through my head right now. On well. I also came across a couple of great websites as well. Check out: and

Out for now, but will be back later.

Till next time America,

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Businesses being targeted hurts American Dream

I want everyone who see's this to take a look at the link provided and let me know what you think. Our government, who says constantly that they are working hard to promote job growth to support a better economy, is actually going again that statement and planning on hurting certain businesses because the government (this White House Admin) considers high risk.

Here's the link:

I will say that porn is being hit hard too and I think it's a bad thing. For those who are die hard Christians and think that this is a good idea, you're wrong. In the first amendment we have the freedom of speech.  I firmly believe this has nothing to do with what is said between you and I (that to me falls under libel and slander), but freedom of speech protects us citizens from a governmental backlash.  I consider porn as free speech especially when the government is using it's power to limit that. I look at it like this, would you like the government to tell you what you can and can't say in public in regards to your religious free speech, no. You would be ticked off. Plus do you want someone in power to arbitrarily say that this speech is offensive, though at one time it could benefit you? No, and you ask why; that's because someone else who gets in power can then decide on their own that something you believe in is also offensive and in turn bans that type of freedom. Besides, you all shouldn't be hating towards those in porn anyway, you should be praying for them because most likely they all have something in their past that they're dealing with and need a release. Anyway, I'm getting off topic.

Also what's being affected is the firearms industry. This right here is a frontal attack on your Constitutional rights. It's not hidden, but in your face; that's how bold this administration is right now. I urge you to write your congressman and demand that they take actions to stop this law. I don't care what people say that if something is taken away by government it can't be restored. We need to fight back and work together and get those people who voted for this out of office and do it immediately. This is absurd that our own congress will even go for this. Stand up for your rights and the rights of others, it's your civic duty. I pray for you and all of us that we get through these tough times.

Fight the system,

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Trade Of One Soldier For The Release Of Five Terrorists

First of all, I know I haven't been here in a while and that's because those guys who do the daily talk shows on Patriot Channel 125 have been doing a good job of talking about those topics. Since it's still the weekend and I'm fired up today, I want to give my opinion on the release of 5 terrorists from Gitmo as a trade for 1 soldier; who left base on his own to get captured.

First of all I want to say to Congress, WTF haven't you started some sort of investigation into this and starting to bring up a committee to make sure what was done doesn't happen again, and to punish those that did bypass you (basically telling you all you're not needed) to complete this total disregards to law and disregard to national security. I hope there is a plan to wipe out those 5 in the near future.

I'm sure there is more to come out of this and I will write later about it. I just want to make sure that Congress knows that I'm upset and mad as hell about this, and I hope they have a plan to take care of this issue. I have said it before that Nixon was impeached and forced to resign from office for wiretapping. What this Administration is doing makes what Nixon did child's play and for those Republicans that don't say shit about this, to me anyway, is on board with what Obama is doing. I hope you all understand that this is election year and people are pretty pissed off with what is going on in DC now and we will use the election this year to make sure you all understand. Well most of us anyway, I still don't see how in the hell Boehner and McConnell won their primaries.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I think that Pres Obama should resign.

So true. If this was a republican president, the liberals would want his head on a platter. Because this guy is their anointed one, they love him and allow him to do whatever he wants.  He has continued with Bush programs that the libs were against, but they are all for now.  He has introduced us to a new level of socialist, and he says it all the time.  To me, this proves that all liberals are nothing but hypocrites.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Guns in today's world and the political bullshit in trying to take them away.

I don't understand why politicians are so hellbent on taking away our liberties starting with the 2nd Amendment. The Bloombergs of the world say they are doing it to make our kids safe. A gun is nothing more than a tool to do a job, either fight a war or self defense and the gun/weapon can't do anything with out a human operating it. I don't see screwdrivers getting up on their own and screwing in screws, this isn't an episode of Handy Manny. If we allow the 2nd Amendment to be taken away, because "of the children" then what is going to keep them from taking away the rest of our civil rights?

Right now it's supposedly about safety, once the 2nd Amendment is taken away what are those people going to do once speech is considered offensive and is limited so that only politically correct speech is allowed to be spoken then what? Right now religious freedom is being attacked because of religious freedom.  The first Bush mentioned NWO (New World Order) in one of his earlier speeches, is this something that is actually in the works?

The way this country is acting right now, we are going to end up following the same path that Venezuela is right now. Everything that they have done under Chavez and the new regime has done nothing other than make the majority of the people poorer while enriching those that are in power. Now, more and more of the people are trying to fight back and the only way that is going to happen is if they have a coup or a Revolution. Problem is that the general population don't have guns anymore because they were taken away, only the government has them. People are starting to fight back in Venezuela, but can only go so far. And no one is willing to help them, which tells me that those in power want to spread this type of government across the globe. I don't get it.

I just hope that I'm totally wrong and maybe, just maybe that Venezuela is in the shape it's in because of a few assholes. Then again, I think there is more behind the scenes. Time will tell. Right now, we have the ability to keep this country free, but if we don't vote these current assholes out, we are going to be standing in line for shit paper.

Monday, March 24, 2014


This is going to be a quick one.

To Our Federal Government:

I'm writing in regards to the possibility of allowing different countries to run the internet in the near future. What the fuck are you thinking? Why should you give up control of something that was invented here in the US? We have 1st Amendment rights, which extends to those people who have internet access no matter where they are at. Well, until their government steps in and block certain sites. Do you want Iran or China dictating what the fuck we are allowed to see here in the US? No? Then why even think of giving up control of the internet. Is it because of Snowden? Fuck him and let him waste away in Russia. Embarrassed that other countries were spied on? Who cares, they do the same thing with us so it's all fair in love and war.

I think you're crazy in even thinking this. I actually agree with Bill Clinton on one thing and that is that we shouldn't give up our internet controls.  Just sayin'.


Atheists and the 1st Amendment.

I was just thinking about a conversation I had on Twitter in regards to the religious beliefs. It was in regards the "Iron Beam Cross" at Ground Zero.  I don't care if there are people who don't believe in anything, but honestly what gives them the right to infringe on my beliefs. So what if they're atheists. I'm not and the last time I checked I and other religions have the right to worship who they want.

I can maybe understand that if one group wants to do that such as Christians; Jew's, Muslims, Hindi's, etc will want to do the same thing.  I think that we should give it a try and let any and all religions put up what religious symbols they want as long as we come together as one NATION. Fuck the PC bullshit, stop getting all butt hurt because one little group is offended. What about my rights, and because one group gets all offended, why can't I get offended when they try to stop me and other of believing in what I want to believe in.

Just irritated a little bit the more think about it.

Never go full Libtard.

Why do liberals fall in lock step with what this current president does? I also don't understand why the same people who hated Bush for whatever he did, supports this President when he had carried on the legacy? People didn't like when Bush was supposedly "spying" on everyone, but this admin does it and all of his supporters do the support him 100%. I don't get it. 

Picts of what I'm feeling right now.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

You know, no one really reads this crap.

Maybe one group does though and we all know who they are.

How can Obama blame Bush for our current economy?

This shows that unemployment was low throughout Bush's term, but increased immediately after Obama took office. I know that times were getting hard them, I find it weird that the number increased drastically soon after Obama took office.

When Bush was in office, we were at 9trillion dollars in debt.  That is the amount that all PREVIOUS presidents racked up over time. Since Obama has been in office, the debt went from $9trillion to about $18trillion. In about 6 years, President Obama has doubled the national debt, which is saying that for every dollar that the previous 43 presidents spent, he doubled it.  Or in other words in under 6 years he spent more money that all the previous presidents spent in over 200 years, I repeat...200 YEARS!!!!

But this guy we have in the office is the best. Hell this guy has lower poll ratings than Carter did, and that's bad!!!  And he gave up the Panama Canal. Still don't understand that one.

What also gets me is that in a lot of his actions, Obama follows in the footsteps of Bush on a lot of issues that the liberals complained about during Bush's term. Now that the anointed one is in office, he has the full liberal support while doing the same thing and in some issues, doubled the efforts. Not a peep from the liberal left.  So I look at it like this. As long as the liberals have someone in power they back that person no matter what even if it violates those same liberal's rights. I don't get it. Blind devotion is dangerous. Just sayin.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

What The F*CK people.

I just saw a video on Youtube that kind of irritated me, plus what I have been hearing on Patriot channel 125 on SiriusXM on the Andrew Wilkow show doesn't help paint a bright future either. The reason I say that is that Andrew actually has sources to back up what he's saying and it honestly scares the shit out of me.

I came across this video on Youtube and it got me thinking. I think that you should hear it for yourself and draw your own conclusion.

What gets me is this. We have a government ran healthcare system that so many people are hellbent on supporting. All of this is going on, while the government is cutting lots of benefits from the military. As a reminder the military is supported by a government funded healthcare system. I was in the Navy from 1993-1997 and wasn't married or had a family. My healthcare was fully covered.  I will admit that I'm not sure how it worked for dependents.

If the government drastically cut those military benefits recently, what makes those people who heavily rely on ACA for healthcare, believe that the government can't arbitrarily cut those benefits as well. The military shouldn't be touched, but due to our budget issues the unthinkable happened...military benefits were cut.  This is for a healthcare system that supports about 1 million people, but people believe that the government can insure and provide kick ass healthcare to 300 million plus people? Are people stupid today? I guess so.

The video, the video starts out as basically b/c of the ACA birth control is free. Do people really believe that a drug company is going to give away a free product.  Hey druggies, does your dealer keep giving you free shit? No, the first few times are free to get you hooked. Then it's "Bitch you better have my money"!   This is what cracks me about those who rely on the government for shit. They think that everything is free, and for them that is correct because they don't have to put into the system.  Those of us that work and pay taxes are paying for it, and if we don't put into the huge pot then we go to fucking jail? Can someone tell me how the fuck is that fair? Please, can someone please fucking tell me how that is fair!!  Our own government allows a needy class to get what it wants, while relying on those of us who actually pay taxes. Then our own government allows more and more people to come here illegally, and that adds to the problem.

This is what I think, these are the first steps for total government control. It first started with guns, then the healthcare issue, and so on.  The government has a system right now that really awards someone for not working, then others see that so then they figure "Why should I work"?, which spreads. Less and less money comes in to pay for shit until no one is paying. Once that happens you trade slavery of one kind to slavery to a government. This is what I see, there is a huge black following that supports this system. They despised slavery from about 150 years ago, but willing to accept "slavery" to a different master mainly because no work is actually required. Then they think that they are still free.

This all started with Wilson, then FDR, Carter, now Obama. It's about to hit over drive and there isn't anything we can do about it.  Then about 10 years from now, all (let me repeat) all of us are going to wonder how did we get in this mess?

Another part of this is gun control. I'm a huge gun rights advocate. I think that everyone, yes everyone (even non-violent felons) should own a gun for defense.  I don't care if you're white, black, asian, gay, lesbian, trans-gendered, etc. Everyone should own a gun.

CT is working hard to try to confiscate guns from LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. Why doesn't our government go after those WHO BREAK THE FUCKING LAW?!!. I support those gun owners 100% and I'm glad to hear that people are starting to see what is going on around the country. The very same government that is in existence today in the UK is the same government that made sure our Constitution provided it's citizens to fight against tyranny.  Even then in the UK you could own a gun for self defense. What has happened to our great society? It's coming people and most of you welcome it.  Well I don't and I hope you don't either.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Food For Thought

I was watching Andrew Zimmerman on TV the other day when this thought popped into my head. Why does our government allow corporations to put all of this bad stuff in our food? We allow more crap in our food than any other country in the world, actually we are the only one. Europe, strict control is given not just over food, but how beer is brewed and what’s allowed to go into just the beer. We allow anything as long as it makes a donor a shit ton of money.  
Where Andrew and other traveling cooking hosts go, everyone seems to be fresh caught or picked food. We go to a store that has nothing more than processed food. Even what we consider organic, isn’t really organic. It just boggles my mind that we are a 1st world nation, but a lot of 3rd world countries actually eat better than we do. It’s just so sad. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

It's been a while

So I'm so pissed off right now, I'm not sure what I want to talk about. Actually it's more venting than anything else. Yes, I have been gone for a bit, but maybe I'm back for a bit. Someone has got to pay bills so that is why I have been gone.

The latest thing I guess I will talk about is the the feud between Russia and the US. This can actually be a pretty short post. President Obama basically got played by Putin.  I hate to say it, but Putin is better at the politics game than Obama is.  I'm sorry, but in the world of foreign relations and geopolitical game playing, Obama is a beginner.

I saw a picture on Tumblr of Putin and Obama when they were both 23 years of age. Putin was doing what he could to make Russia strong, and Obama was the OG of the "Choom Gang".   What has Obama done to make our country strong? Nothing really. It seems that his party, and hell I will say it, the Republican party are doing everything they can to ruin this country just to stay in power. I will say this before I go off on too much of a tangent, we need to vote this assholes out. Keep the ones who really do their job, and those Congressman who have been in "power" for a long time they need to go. Sen McCain needs to go. I'm sorry his politics are now basically on par with the Dems.

Anyway, Pres Obama hasn't done anything to help this country. He is allowing illegals to come here and vote, receive benefits, etc.  Does Putin allow this? No, because he only allows what he thinks will better his country.  Hell, our own President doesn't want to even follow the rules that Article 2 demands he, or anyone in that position, must follow.  It's crazy to me. This is why we need to vote him and others who are working to hurt this country more and more.  I don't care if they Democrat or Republican, if they are hurting our country, then they need to go.  That's it really.

This is election year so lets all join together as one, and do what's right for our country and future generations, not what's politically correct.

Political Throat Punch