Thursday, July 10, 2014

Immigration and Veteran Affairs

    We all know now that pretty much everyone is up in arms in regards to this whole immigration thing. The President, in addition to all of the other scandals that aren't on the news right now, has another pickle on his plate with this immigration thing.  I keep hearing that either he is inept or incompetent to take care of this issue. I don't think that he's inept, I actually think that this is part of a bigger plan. I was thinking that this was an excuse for this current WH Admin to initiate martial law, but I don't think it's just that and I believe that Andrew Wilkow hit the nail on the comes down to votes.

     Think about it, illegals are coming across the border and are checked out by medical staff and then sent to other locations in the country. Obama has a new HUD director by the name of Julian Castro who Obama appointed recently. With a Hispanic HUD director who is a liberal Democrat; shipping these illegals to parts of the US that could use some influence to get other Dems voted into office makes perfect sense. Why else does this Admin want to give these ILLEGALS identification and voting rights? Why else would they allow that? It isn't about Obama's ineptness, it's about his plans of changing and transforming this country to a place that Obama has been dreaming about since his days of dealing with known famous communists and terrorists. (Alice Palmer, Bill Ayers, etc). What scares me is that Congress isn't doing shit about it. They say that they are against the Democrat party, but inaction to me is compliance and they are no better either. That being said, those GOP members who do nothing need to stop the Dems and Obama's policies are just as guilty as Obama himself and need to be forced out of office.

    This illegal thing also comes up during a time when the VA scandal was taking the front page of every newspaper and news outlet. Since this illegal issue started, nothing has been said about the VA issues, among the other scandals, on any news outlet.  Just because a scandal isn't on the news anymore doesn't mean that the issue is no longer there. Our government, who claims they support the troops and vets pretty much to ad nauseam, don't do anything for them, yet will spend BILLIONS to take care of these illegals.  Again, I believe the GOP is just as guilty for not doing anything either.

    With the items discussed today in this rant, I don't believe in any way that Obama is inept, I think it's all part of a grand plan or agenda if you will. If we as a country don't wake up, we are going to get what we deserve and sooner or later we will end up in the same boat as Venezuela. Wake up America and stop voting in these repeat offenders of the Constitution, both GOP Republicans and Democrats alike.

Working To Keep Us Free,

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