Friday, August 15, 2014

Ummm...What the F**k?

Can someone please tell me why the UN is going after Israel for war crimes? Seriously? You have a terrorist organization who has repeatedly violated cease fire attempts, but nothing from the UN; to be honest I think the UN is actually helping Hamas.

This type of crap makes me so angry I don't know what to do because the amount of stupidity on this is off the charts. Israel is now gearing up to fight some bullshit courtroom war now when there are terrorists in Iraq who are cutting off peoples' (Christian's) heads and putting them on fences. I don't understand where the UN is coming from on this one, and why would the UN even think of doing this.

Here are some links:

Why ISIS should be brought up on war crimes, but no one is going after them:

Proves that Hamas violates cease fires repeatedly and shows that Hamas should be brought up on war crimes.

Friday, August 1, 2014


I wanted to say that I'm appalled that some so called "Americans" support Hamas during the Israel crises that is ongoing at this time. These are the same type of "Americans" that on one hand say they support the troops (blah blah blah), but support actual state sponsored terrorists at the same time. It just boggles my mind.

How can any American, especially with the humanitarian argument these same people use for the the immigration issue we have here, say that what Israel is in-humane but support Hamas hands down. These very same cowardly terrorists train kids from an early age to hate Israel AND IT'S SUPPORTERS, and the best death is dying for Allah.  Hamas uses innocent women and children as human shields, which is cowardly if you ask me, which is something that Israel doesn't do.

Americans, or as I should say the liberal left, support the Palestinians for some sick reason. I don't think that they realize that if some how America did lose to the expansion of Islam, the liberal left would be quickly disposed of.  I think that what it comes down to is political stupidity to be honest. They support a president who is willfully weakening this country, and they are the mouth pieces and pawns in a bigger game failing to realize that once their usefulness is no longer needed, they are going to be a part of the "masses", who they disdain tremendously.  We even have the undersecretary of the DoS, tweeting out pro-Gaza tweets, what the hell is up with that?

People say that this current admin is inept and clueless, I don't think so one bit. I think they are very good at what they are doing and far from being inept. They know exactly what they are doing and we are letting them do it.

On a totally different note (ADD kicking in) here's a couple of links that will get you all fired up.

Have a good day everyone and hope you all have a good weekend. Yes, even you libs out there.

Things are so jacked up right now I don't know where to start.

Since Israel is in the news a lot today, maybe I will write my opinion on it.  Israel as a country are literally battling terrorists, whom are their neighbors. What is crazy is that our very own government is trying to tie the IDF's hands, but that doesn't really come as a surprise since our very own government ties it's own military's hands during wartime. Look at all of the ROE bullshit that was passed down from those who knew what was best and how to fight a battle, all the while drafting BS rules from a safe location here in the US.

Politics should not play any role when it comes to fighting wars. The only thing that everyone should be on board with is to WIN. That's right, what's the use of spending all of that money and having soldiers die for a cause only to lose due to some political bullshit? Makes no sense to me.  Israel, should go in, wipe out an entire block. Once that is done, if they are attacked again, do it again. If it happens again, Israel should tell the Palestinians that if they don't stop these attacks and allow Hamas to use them as shields, this is going to keep happening until the BS stops.  Hamas started it, but Israel needs to win and finish it.  Or they could get Biblical on their butts and just wipe out every Palestinian in the Gaza strip and take care of the issue once and for all. 

The problem that our government and other idiots that support Hamas don't understand is that the Muslims only understand one thing: power.  They have more respect for you if you straight up bitch slap a MFer than try to be his friend. That is why Saddam had to rule with an iron fist, that is the only thing those people understand. It's just the way they are and how they are raised, also it's pretty much encoded in their religion as well.  

So in conclusion, and to keep it short; Israel needs to just wipe Palestine off the map. Israel is getting so much flak for everything they are doing now, might as well do it and win. Israel, most of us Americans support you, I apologize that our government does not.