Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I honestly don't care if you are gay, lesbian, etc. I don't care, but why does it feel that people being gay is being forced down my throat. Heterosexual people don't go around and yell "STRAIGHT PRIDE", and go out of their way to show PDA (public display of affection).

Now that the military did away with DADT, now more and more LGBTs in the military aren't just asking for special privileges, but pretty much demanding it. There is a story of a female soldier doing a sex change, using our tax payer money. I don't agree with it due to my religion and the fact that my tax money is being used to pay for that change.  Military medical and pay is funded by our tax money remember.



What this lady has, is actually an identity disorder, but since she if the first one in the military to do this, I'm sure she will be hailed as another "hero" because she is fighting the establishment.  Maybe we should have STRAIGHT PRIDE DAY as well, since everyone claims that they want equality. If that is the case, then lets have equality not entitlements.

Sorry it has been awhile since I wrote last, but it's been a crazy and busy few months.  Not sure what to really talk about, so I will give my opinion on the upcoming tax debacle.

First of all, I just wish that the Republicans would just allow the crash to happen. This way the Democrats can hang themselves and not have the ability to blame anyone, but themselves. I'm so sick of the he said she said crap.  I don't care for either party right now to be honest, but I do lean more to the right.  I don't like the Dem party for the only reason that they want to raise taxes. Basically this is the government taking money from my wallet and giving it over to someone I don't know mainly because they want votes.

People tell me that I'm wrong, but how am I wrong with this way of thinking? The Administration says that they want to tax the rich more so they pay their fair share. First of all, look at the UK. More and more people who make over 1 Million pounds, seem to be either leaving the country or making less money due to a 50p tax increase. Is this what we can expect in the US.  Take a look at this news article to see what I'm talking about. This isn't from Fox News or CNN, but from the Telegraph.

No matter what, the rich are going to get out of paying more taxes due to great and wonderful loopholes within the tax laws. It is going to fall on the middle class to make up the difference. I don't care what Obama says, these new tax hikes are  going to affect only the middle class because we are responsible people who want to keep our way of life and to do so we must keep our jobs and pay our taxes so that we don't loose more money out of our accounts. Who else is going to pay for Obama Care, Medicare, and the Democratic votes that Obama got during the last election after he pretty much promised FREE money to?

Something recently came to my attention through the news, which in a way really burned me up. It is what Costas said during a NFL game regarding gun ownership. I'm very pro 2nd Amendment and I'm sorry, I'm really tired of anti-gun people giving inaccurate information when it comes to guns and using fear to promote their agenda.  

I'm sorry, guns can't kill anyone without the person who is in "control" of it making a conscience effort on their part to do the crime or provide themselves protection. I don't care what anyone say's, a gun can't jump up on its own and start shooting people. Guns can't make anyone go crazy as soon as they pick it up to make them go on a rampage. Thats like saying if I pick up a knife in the kitchen I'm going to start stabbing people just because it is in my hands. Its stupid to say such a thing.

I heard today on the news, and unfortunately I forgot the person who said it, but the problem with gun crime today isn't the gun itself, but people not taking responsibility for their actions. I also want to add that anti-gun people purposely take away a persons responsibility for what they did to push an agenda with fear.  I'm for everyone, even the anti-gunners, to have the right to self defense and protection heck even be able to us use it recreationally.  

People who go out of their way to promote their anti-gun agenda is the same as me promoting limits on their free speech. I don't see any difference. They want me to have a permit to own a gun, get it registered, go through a bunch of paperwork before I was able to bring it home and then in some states have a waiting period before I can even take a handgun home, maybe we should do the same to their freedom of speech to see how they like having a permit to speak, requesting permission to voice their opinion, etc. That to me is the same as Communism, but when you mention that they get all defensive. 

Maybe that is what pro-gunners should so, go on their soap box to limit free speech and see how these guys like it.  Then maybe when we show them a different way of looking at things especially when it comes to the US Constitution. 

I just wish these anti-gun people stopped looking at the 2nd Amendment in fear, and look at it as empowerment that is actually given to you by the Constitution. 

Till next time....

Friday, October 12, 2012

I want everyone to go to this website  and ask yourself something. Why does it seem that Democratic supporters are the dumbest people in the world, and willing to bend over for anyone who does this country and its citizens harm?

It seems that this admin doesn't give a crap that four Americans died in this attack and they say that this wouldn't be a big deal if Romney/Ryan didn't keep bringing it up. What the fuck over?!!!!! What does it take for the administration to say this was an actual attack? Does it take 5, 10, 100, 1000 Americans to die before they actually give a flying fuck?  It just pisses me off the more I think about it.

I admit, I was pretty pissed to hear the response that was given from the admin after it happened, now that it is still ongoing at a totally new level just sickens me.  Do the liberal dems really want to have another country come in and take over? Do they want these piss ant terrorists to make our country look bad and as Ryan said last night during the debate that the current admin portrays us as a weak country. I totally agree. I don't understand how this admin can even say they actually have a foreign policy and at the same time say they are doing everything they can to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic. I'm just saying.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

You know I was thinking, I probably should start sharing this blog with friends to see what happens. I am friends with people who have different political ideas and beliefs. Maybe we can get this up to the level that it used to get (heated) when I worked with Nichole.  Since we have went our separate ways, those discussions have died down and I miss them. So maybe I should post on Google + a URL about this link and see where it goes.

Monday, October 1, 2012

I also urge everyone to take a look at the following URL. This website takes the BS out of the news and gives it to you straight.  Visit and form YOUR OWN OPINION (capitalized on purpose) . Unless you to much of a pussy to go against how your friends, professors, etc, tell you how to think.

Hello people, sorry it's been a while since I have posted, but some of us have a damn job and have to keep Uncle Sam happy or pay the consequences.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about the election, or I should say the up coming election. Almost sounded as if I was Monday morning quarterbacking on something that hasn't happened yet.

I was actually thinking I would vote for Obama for the next election due to one reason that really hits home for me. Earlier this year Obama and Congress recently passed a new Health Care Plan (here me out) that benefits a lot of people, including your's truly.  Anyway, I was actually on the boat to actually vote for Obama, but earlier this month he really fucked that up for me and here is why.  It has nothing to do with health care, but if the man can't stand up for America when we are attacked and leave us stranded, who is to say that anything else he has signed into law won't come back and bite me in the ass?

When the Ambassador was killed on Sep 11, to me as soon as I read about it, it looked like it was a planned attack. Most people would look at that and say that it was a planned attack, but then it seems that the White House was wishy washy on the subject. To me that also makes me wonder if they are trying to hide something else.  We all know it is  taking the White House a long time, even to this day, to actually come out and say it was an actual planned attack? This is the same President that MADE THE DECISION to take Osama out, but his balls seem to have shriveled in regards to this debacle.

Now it's Oct 1, and it seems that the White House is starting to say it was a planned attack. The handling of this is screaming at me as a failure, then on top of that there is word that the Muslim Brotherhood will be getting $450million of aid from us. All I can say is WTF people!!!? This is why my vote went from Obama to Romney.  I'm so tired of us providing aid to those countries that want us wiped off the map, but we bend over waiting for them to stick the tip in our asses with some glimmer of hope that they would stop. But no, they keep going and doing what they want why our own government bends over and apologizes for nothing any of us living Americans have done so that we seem Politically Correct and not offend any of those countries. I say to hell with them, and instead of bending over, we should bitch slap the shit out of them and make there fear us while they lick the bottoms of our shoes. Either that or make them a territory. I'm so tired of this great country cowering in fear in hopes of not offending anyone or hurting anyone's feelings. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on if you feel that is the course we should take. That type of attitude will lead to our failure. Remember what happened to Rome, we are not above losing everything we have gained.  Don't vote for a President because he looks good, looks Presidential, black, arabic (Obama did go to a madrassa which is a Muslim school), White with the perfect parted hair, etc. Vote for the person you think will make this country better than what it was.

On another note, Chavez who is socialist is willing to vote for Obama and give support to him due to their belief's then as a PATRIOT I can't allow President Obama to serve another term and I will do what I can with the one vote I have. I actually don't really care for either candidate, but Romney seems to have a better idea as to what is going on in the world unlike President Obama's "yes" minions.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I know I have been gone for a while, but oh well. You will get over it. I'm not a full time blogger and this isn't my bread and butter so suck it up.

What I want to complain or bitch about today is racism in the news.  So why is it that if someone is Republican they are automatically racist, and that party was the party that freed the slaves.  If someone is a Democrat, they are automatically not racist, even though Sen Byrd (WV) was in the KKK? I don't get it.

So as a society to we really want equality or just the upper hand? I say we only want the upper hand. Look at what Jackson and Sharpton do when something crazy like the Treyvon shooting or the Duke Lacrosse case.  Both were wrong about the LAX team and the so called "victim" lied about her ordeal and no apology was given. I would have sued for an apology (public at that) and money for emotional stress that they were stirring in public view.  Reverends....ha...more like charlatans.

Everyone screams equality..equality...but when it comes to actual equality among the population, someone is right in there to stir the pot. I don't get it.  Something to think about.

till next time people...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

President Obama and Elizabeth Warren have stated that all small businesses who made it, made it because of what the government did for them. Warren even stated that because the police was there to protect the property, etc that is the reason why small businesses made it.

Well with that logic, it was small entrepreneurs that made the fire truck, cop car, gun that the cop used to protect the small business's property, the car that got the person to work. If they want to go down that road, lets go down that road. I'm just saying'.

Here is a link with Elizabeth ranting about small business.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Just saw an editorial that stated that the country will go over a fiscal cliff if taxes aren't raised. How about we do this, since 49% of the population doesn't pay taxes why don't we get those people to start paying taxes?   I know that non-working house moms are lumped in that figure as well as most college students, etc.  In that group are those that get paid money by the government that they don't work for and they don't pay any about those people start paying taxes. Maybe then the middle class doesn't have to pay even more into taxes. I'm tired of my taxes going up, while everyone else's tax rates drop.  Also, those that get free money and don't pay taxes I think feel that they deserve more, and if I heard that I'm a heartless jerk because I don't like those that have been living off of government assistance for generations.  My tax money pays their welfare and they pretty much spit on the middle class, when they should be kissing our asses.  This country has gone from the American dream to the American entitlement.  Even the current administration says that we have to be good citizens and do our part, what about those others who make up the other half of the US? They should do their fair share as well.

I was also listening to SIRIUS left yesterday and what I was hearing was driving me crazy. They were talking about how taxes should be raised because  someone who is considered wealthy in this country should pay more taxes and that tax money given to someone who makes $25,000 a year.  How is that fair for either party?  Why should one class  give money to those that don't make the same?It makes the government look good because they look like the "Robin Hoods" of the present.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sorry I haven't been writing like I should. I have been away on travel for work.  I'm sure you will get over it since I already have.

Anyway, whats on the political front today. Haven't heard anything really news worthy in the last couple weeks or so, other than the plain ol' crap you get during an election.  Oh, since I have been back in the US, gas prices have shot up a bit. WTF is that all about?  Did we piss of Saudi Arabia (KSA) or something?  Who cares really?

I will let you go for now. I will write something more later.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ok people, I know it has been a while since I last posted, but I have been busy so suck it up. Recently the SCOTUS has deemed that the new health care bill was Constitutional. I'm down for that, but at the same time I'm  actually on the fence on this one.

See, I don't think the government has the right to get into every aspect in our lives, but at the same time this new bill helps me out too. My son has autism and my current health care provider has dropped him and no longer covers his autism therapies.  To top it off, my son's provider also stopped taking my insurance provider due to late payments, or postponing as much and long as they could..pretty much a major dick move if you ask me.  We were not the only ones affected, the others that had the same health care provider had the same issues as well.  What really pisses me off is that I only get a few health care providers to choose from, but none that I actually want...which is bullshit if you ask me.

I look at this new bill as a start to provide healthcare for everyone, and also now people will learn to know what is now law and what isn't. Before if I asked an HR person about coverage I either get a blank stare because they didn't know or they would just tell me they didn't know. Now that the bill is out for everyone to see, maybe now people will have a better understanding as to what their rights are in regards to their healthcare.

What I do have a question about is how in the hell is someone who doesn't have health insurance currently going to be able to afford it now? And to top that off, if they don't get it by a certain time they face a penalty.  How is that going to work for those that receive government money to support themselves and their kids when they can't afford it now, and then pay the fine? I think there is something amiss here, that we are not seeing.

All I know is that I'm still on the fence with this new bill being passed, but at the same time it helps me a hell of a lot too. So...we will see what will happen and go from there I guess. That is the only option I have now anyway.

Later guys, till next time.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why does it seem that the past few election years gas prices have gone down during the election year, but once the election is over the gas prices go right back up?  Now there are reports that Saudi is helping the President by drilling more oil to bring the cost down.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind that gas prices have been dropping.  I just know that after the election, the prices are going to go back up.  Since the current admin is pushing for more greener energy, why would the President and his admin seem to be doing everything they can to put money in a failing market when our entire infrastructure is based on oil or other fossil fuel energy to get what we have today. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind using greener energy one bit, at the same time the powers to be need to be a bit smarter about it too and stop putting money in a failing business.  I understand that things need to change, but taxing the oil industry (which will take money away from their R&D) is not going to help anything.  At the same time, neither is taxing the crap out of every company in America. You can only get so much money from the so called "1%" before the money dries up or those people just move somewhere else...think of Facebook.

Friday, June 8, 2012

With all the news this past week as to how Bill Clinton seems to be trying to undermine the Obama administration, there seems to be some work going on behind the scenes in the Democratic party to oust the current President.  I wonder if there is a plan to get Hillary to run for President in 2016?   Why else would Bill say things that actually seem to back Romney. Things are going to get crazy this election year.

On a different note, has anyone else noticed that during this election year and the previous election year gas prices seems to be dropping?   It is said that gas prices is dropping because the demand for it is dropping and output has been increasing. I have hard time believing that to be honest. I don't think that the demand ever becomes less, either it is the same or more of a demand.  I'm sorry, how come this couldn't have been ongoing since Bush was in office during his second term?  I'm just saying.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Obama is stating now that we shouldn't vote for Romney because he is  a successful businessman. Would I want a failure to become president. Maybe Obama is scared since he really doesn't have anything to go on.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I have been playing around with a different blog, but noticed I tended to put more political thoughts and ideas into my other one, which didn't fit so I decided to create another one and see how this goes.  Since this is about politics, I'm not really Republican or Democrat, more middle of the road at the same time I'm critical of all politicians.

I am basically using this outlet to vent and hopefully be able to get to hear what others have to say no matter what party they are affiliated with. Enjoy.