Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sorry it has been awhile since I wrote last, but it's been a crazy and busy few months.  Not sure what to really talk about, so I will give my opinion on the upcoming tax debacle.

First of all, I just wish that the Republicans would just allow the crash to happen. This way the Democrats can hang themselves and not have the ability to blame anyone, but themselves. I'm so sick of the he said she said crap.  I don't care for either party right now to be honest, but I do lean more to the right.  I don't like the Dem party for the only reason that they want to raise taxes. Basically this is the government taking money from my wallet and giving it over to someone I don't know mainly because they want votes.

People tell me that I'm wrong, but how am I wrong with this way of thinking? The Administration says that they want to tax the rich more so they pay their fair share. First of all, look at the UK. More and more people who make over 1 Million pounds, seem to be either leaving the country or making less money due to a 50p tax increase. Is this what we can expect in the US.  Take a look at this news article to see what I'm talking about. This isn't from Fox News or CNN, but from the Telegraph.

No matter what, the rich are going to get out of paying more taxes due to great and wonderful loopholes within the tax laws. It is going to fall on the middle class to make up the difference. I don't care what Obama says, these new tax hikes are  going to affect only the middle class because we are responsible people who want to keep our way of life and to do so we must keep our jobs and pay our taxes so that we don't loose more money out of our accounts. Who else is going to pay for Obama Care, Medicare, and the Democratic votes that Obama got during the last election after he pretty much promised FREE money to?

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