Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dear Pierce Morgan,

Since you have no clue as to why we have the 2nd Amendment I will explain this in a way your "elite pseudo-intellectual" ass can understand it.

The reason we have the 2nd Amendment is because of your government imposing absolute authority on the Colonists here. Your government during the pre-Revolution did some pretty jacked up stuff to our forefathers so those actions were the template as to why our government and Constitution was written the way it was.

Honestly, the anti-gun politicians seem to show that they don't care how much crime is in the country because of guns or with the absence of guns.  To me it isn't about crime, they exploit actions such as the Aura shooting and the Sandy Hook shooting to move forward to a goal using the anti-gun agenda to reach that goal.  What their goal is I'm not sure, but with a democrat working on getting the term limits changed so presidents can do more than 2 terms; seems to be another agenda to meet a goal. That being said, the goal seems to take on a dictatorship or socialist agenda. Similiar to Chavez, Stalin, etc. Their President is "elected", but he ends up getting elected for over 8 years maintaining a control over the people.

I wish people like you would understand that if our government takes away our 2nd Amendment rights, you are not a citizen remember; then they can take away the rest of them or change them in a way that is beneficial to a socialist government. They are already doing that now.  Why would the government be concerned about video games and what is on TV now?

The 1st Amendment basically states that we have the freedom of press, speech, religion (not from religion), peaceful assembly, and redress (the government with our concerns).  The government put VP Biden in charge to "look" into this issue and already starting  the process to "nickel and dime" our 1st Amendment rights,  like they have been doing with the 2nd Amendment without having to actually voting to get rid of the Amendment.  These liberal types consider those like me to be Puritans and not sophisticated, but do everything in their power to limit my rights. Then they get Hollywood on board to make PSA's and they are just as dumb because in their films and movies there is a lot of violence. How else would they make their money right now?  What they don't understand is that the Hollywood types are just pawns, and nothing more.

I saw the video of when you were interviewing Jesse Ventura. He compared gun deaths to drunk driver deaths and you said that it doesn't compare. Well, if the car or gun is a tool that has to have human intervention to work, then it is a valid argument.  Neither a car or gun can jump up on it's own and start shooting people or drive itself to kill people by running them over. I think you are smart enough to understand least I hope you and others like you are.

I will say this though before I close. You are here in this country as a guest. Since when does your opinion on our matters mean anything anyway? Would you like it if there was a hot debate in your home land and an American was on the "tele" viewing their opinion? I doubt that you wouldn't get a little upset about that.

I heard a quote on a show listen to all the time and it sets the scene perfectly. "Socialism is for the people, not the socialist".  If it was for equality, Chaves's family would be suffering the same way the rest of the Venezuelans are.  Michael Moore and others like them would give up millions of their earned dollars to be equal to the rest of us. I don't see them doing that, so I guess they (Hollywood) also consider us as nothing more than peasants as well.

Pro 2nd Amendment Enthusiast,
Political Throat Punch

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thought inducing....

This is going to be a short entry today, but thought that it would invoke some thought from you all.  Why is it OK for the government to take away our rights a little at a time, but allow illegals to choose what laws they follow and then support them in their quest to violate our laws.  I just don't get it.

Thought for the day: If you are for restricting my 2nd Amendment rights, I'm for restricting your 1st Amendment rights.  Think about that one.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2nd Amendment and my thoughts about it.

Ok people, I'm a bit pissed. The more and more I think about this issue, which is a hot one right now, gets me hot under the collar. 

First of all, my heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to the Sandy Hook shooting.  It was a dispicable act of violence done by one person. What irritates me is that now the anti-gunners want to exploit this and use it to get more laws passed to further an agenda.  What confuses me is, why is it OK for people to go out of their way to take my Constitutional rights away, but keep the ones that support their needs? 

You have the newspaper in Conneticut that posted personal information of CCW holders. I think that is a blatant violation of privacy. And the people who's information was put out in public, should fight back and sue the paper.  What is the difference between that information getting put out, than say putting the people who work for the papers' SSNs out for public viewing. It's dispicable behavior, but to those ass holes out there the ends justify the means. 

Saw an article on Bloomberg in regards to the online sale of firearms and I about blew a gasket. Again, anti-gunners do not do any research.  First of all any reputable online gun auction or online seller will not send the controlled item of a firearm without getting a fax from the FFL of your choosing to go through the proper steps and legal steps to own that rifle or pistol. And WILL ONLY SEND IT TO AN FFL HOLDER and they must prove they have the proper credentials. 

Yes, you can purchase a gun online, but it has to be sent to an FFL if it is the controlled part of the rifle or pistol. Let me explain:

1) Say you want to buy an AR15 upper (the part with the barrel. Doesnt include the receiver, handle, and stock), you can do so online and have it sent to your house. This is because you have to have the lower in addition to the upper to actually have the rifle to shoot. If you bought only the ar15 lower, even with out the upper, that item has to be SHIPPED TO AN FFL and state and federal paperwork has to be filled out. It isn't as easy as you make it out to be. 

2) For a pistol, well a semi-auto pistol to be more precise. You can by the slide online and have it sent to your house, but if you buy only the frame (the part with the handle) you still have to have that item SENT TO AN FFL and fill out the required paperwork. 

3) If you buy a machine gun, that has to be sent to an authorized CLASS 3 dealer. You would then fill out the required paperwork, submit fingerprints, get permission from your state police, have paperwork sent to ATF, wait 6 months. That is after you get checked out to make sure you aren't a bad or evil person. 

Do I think the person who did the shooting is a POS? Yes. What I don't understand is that why do anti-gun people seem to not get the fact that there are evil people in this world.  Why do they feel they have the right to take my 2nd amendment rights away, at the same time calling me paranoid? If i'm paranoid because I have guns, why do you purchase life, flood, earthquake, and other supplemental insurance? I get the fact that some insurance is required, which I still think is BS too. 

That's it for today boys and girls. Till next time. Until then say your prayers, kiss your significant other and hope for the best. It's a new year and new challenges are coming. 

Happy New Year everyone.