Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I honestly don't care if you are gay, lesbian, etc. I don't care, but why does it feel that people being gay is being forced down my throat. Heterosexual people don't go around and yell "STRAIGHT PRIDE", and go out of their way to show PDA (public display of affection).

Now that the military did away with DADT, now more and more LGBTs in the military aren't just asking for special privileges, but pretty much demanding it. There is a story of a female soldier doing a sex change, using our tax payer money. I don't agree with it due to my religion and the fact that my tax money is being used to pay for that change.  Military medical and pay is funded by our tax money remember.



What this lady has, is actually an identity disorder, but since she if the first one in the military to do this, I'm sure she will be hailed as another "hero" because she is fighting the establishment.  Maybe we should have STRAIGHT PRIDE DAY as well, since everyone claims that they want equality. If that is the case, then lets have equality not entitlements.

Sorry it has been awhile since I wrote last, but it's been a crazy and busy few months.  Not sure what to really talk about, so I will give my opinion on the upcoming tax debacle.

First of all, I just wish that the Republicans would just allow the crash to happen. This way the Democrats can hang themselves and not have the ability to blame anyone, but themselves. I'm so sick of the he said she said crap.  I don't care for either party right now to be honest, but I do lean more to the right.  I don't like the Dem party for the only reason that they want to raise taxes. Basically this is the government taking money from my wallet and giving it over to someone I don't know mainly because they want votes.

People tell me that I'm wrong, but how am I wrong with this way of thinking? The Administration says that they want to tax the rich more so they pay their fair share. First of all, look at the UK. More and more people who make over 1 Million pounds, seem to be either leaving the country or making less money due to a 50p tax increase. Is this what we can expect in the US.  Take a look at this news article to see what I'm talking about. This isn't from Fox News or CNN, but from the Telegraph.

No matter what, the rich are going to get out of paying more taxes due to great and wonderful loopholes within the tax laws. It is going to fall on the middle class to make up the difference. I don't care what Obama says, these new tax hikes are  going to affect only the middle class because we are responsible people who want to keep our way of life and to do so we must keep our jobs and pay our taxes so that we don't loose more money out of our accounts. Who else is going to pay for Obama Care, Medicare, and the Democratic votes that Obama got during the last election after he pretty much promised FREE money to?

Something recently came to my attention through the news, which in a way really burned me up. It is what Costas said during a NFL game regarding gun ownership. I'm very pro 2nd Amendment and I'm sorry, I'm really tired of anti-gun people giving inaccurate information when it comes to guns and using fear to promote their agenda.  

I'm sorry, guns can't kill anyone without the person who is in "control" of it making a conscience effort on their part to do the crime or provide themselves protection. I don't care what anyone say's, a gun can't jump up on its own and start shooting people. Guns can't make anyone go crazy as soon as they pick it up to make them go on a rampage. Thats like saying if I pick up a knife in the kitchen I'm going to start stabbing people just because it is in my hands. Its stupid to say such a thing.

I heard today on the news, and unfortunately I forgot the person who said it, but the problem with gun crime today isn't the gun itself, but people not taking responsibility for their actions. I also want to add that anti-gun people purposely take away a persons responsibility for what they did to push an agenda with fear.  I'm for everyone, even the anti-gunners, to have the right to self defense and protection heck even be able to us use it recreationally.  

People who go out of their way to promote their anti-gun agenda is the same as me promoting limits on their free speech. I don't see any difference. They want me to have a permit to own a gun, get it registered, go through a bunch of paperwork before I was able to bring it home and then in some states have a waiting period before I can even take a handgun home, maybe we should do the same to their freedom of speech to see how they like having a permit to speak, requesting permission to voice their opinion, etc. That to me is the same as Communism, but when you mention that they get all defensive. 

Maybe that is what pro-gunners should so, go on their soap box to limit free speech and see how these guys like it.  Then maybe when we show them a different way of looking at things especially when it comes to the US Constitution. 

I just wish these anti-gun people stopped looking at the 2nd Amendment in fear, and look at it as empowerment that is actually given to you by the Constitution. 

Till next time....