Monday, July 16, 2012

Just saw an editorial that stated that the country will go over a fiscal cliff if taxes aren't raised. How about we do this, since 49% of the population doesn't pay taxes why don't we get those people to start paying taxes?   I know that non-working house moms are lumped in that figure as well as most college students, etc.  In that group are those that get paid money by the government that they don't work for and they don't pay any about those people start paying taxes. Maybe then the middle class doesn't have to pay even more into taxes. I'm tired of my taxes going up, while everyone else's tax rates drop.  Also, those that get free money and don't pay taxes I think feel that they deserve more, and if I heard that I'm a heartless jerk because I don't like those that have been living off of government assistance for generations.  My tax money pays their welfare and they pretty much spit on the middle class, when they should be kissing our asses.  This country has gone from the American dream to the American entitlement.  Even the current administration says that we have to be good citizens and do our part, what about those others who make up the other half of the US? They should do their fair share as well.

I was also listening to SIRIUS left yesterday and what I was hearing was driving me crazy. They were talking about how taxes should be raised because  someone who is considered wealthy in this country should pay more taxes and that tax money given to someone who makes $25,000 a year.  How is that fair for either party?  Why should one class  give money to those that don't make the same?It makes the government look good because they look like the "Robin Hoods" of the present.

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