Sunday, March 23, 2014

How can Obama blame Bush for our current economy?

This shows that unemployment was low throughout Bush's term, but increased immediately after Obama took office. I know that times were getting hard them, I find it weird that the number increased drastically soon after Obama took office.

When Bush was in office, we were at 9trillion dollars in debt.  That is the amount that all PREVIOUS presidents racked up over time. Since Obama has been in office, the debt went from $9trillion to about $18trillion. In about 6 years, President Obama has doubled the national debt, which is saying that for every dollar that the previous 43 presidents spent, he doubled it.  Or in other words in under 6 years he spent more money that all the previous presidents spent in over 200 years, I repeat...200 YEARS!!!!

But this guy we have in the office is the best. Hell this guy has lower poll ratings than Carter did, and that's bad!!!  And he gave up the Panama Canal. Still don't understand that one.

What also gets me is that in a lot of his actions, Obama follows in the footsteps of Bush on a lot of issues that the liberals complained about during Bush's term. Now that the anointed one is in office, he has the full liberal support while doing the same thing and in some issues, doubled the efforts. Not a peep from the liberal left.  So I look at it like this. As long as the liberals have someone in power they back that person no matter what even if it violates those same liberal's rights. I don't get it. Blind devotion is dangerous. Just sayin.

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