Sunday, December 21, 2014

Amnesty Executive Order and your thoughts

Here are my thoughts on the Amnesty Executive Order that Obama felt he had the power to do.

Is the Amnesty Bill another way for our very own government to outsource American jobs? Part of the Executive Order (EO) is to make illegal aliens legal, and also allow them jobs (also gives them the right to vote). Why would Obama pass a bill to give jobs to illegals when he has speeches stating that we need to get American's back to work. I guess that by making illegals legal, if you will, he is essentially getting "Americans" back to work and fulfilling his promise, but not to the citizens who were here first and voted him into office. The  money that is used to keep this new EO going Congress can't actually touch since it comes from the fees from those costs provided by those immigrants coming here legally, which is "safe" from Congress's purse strings.   With the Amnesty EO using that money to sustain itself, if those immigrants coming here legally see that they were basically crapped on and decide to stop paying for their legal process, wouldn't the money not coming into the system in essence defund the bill on it's own?  In other words, those trying to come here legally just say screw it and no more money comes in, putting Obama in a position that will not let him enforce that EO.

What do you all think?

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