Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pres Obama's Willful Disregards For The American Constitution Regarding Immigration.

For being a Constitutional Law professor, it seems that this current president does what he wants when he wants. When does Congress have to do what the president says?  Since when does the president dictate to Congress that a law needs to be created? He said before he was elected the 1st time, he would fundamentally change our country if elected, boy is he doing it!!!

I'm all for immigration, as long as it is done legally. What the president did was basically spit in the faces of those who have been working hard and patiently to come to this country legally. It's an affront to those people, and to those who are citizens; whether they were legally born here or went through the mountains of paperwork.  The next question to ask is...why? Why did he feel that he has the right to create an Executive Order (EO) to grant illegals amnesty. If they can't follow the law before they are citizens what makes this president think they will follow the law after the fact? What laws can we citizens break? I bet if none of us paid taxes, I bet he would spend all the money the IRS required to come after all of us, but yet he cuts the budget for our Border agents.

This president is fundamentally changing this country, to a more tyrannical government that has more and more control over our daily lives. You have those that are pro-choice, pro-gay marriage who all say stay out of my bedroom, but yet they allow the government to interfere with every other aspect of their daily lives.

Above are a couple of links for you all to take a look at to form your own opinions.

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