Thursday, June 19, 2014

Crazyness or Irony

We currently have a president who doesn't think twice about bypassing Congress to get what he wants, and for some reason they don't fight back; even the Democratic Congressmen/women.  During the SOTU address, Obama pretty much told Congress on national TV they are no longer needed, but with all the craziness going on right now in regards to all of the scandals, no one in Congress wants to fight back. I really thought that the Bergdahl case would fire Congress up, but apparently they just send out Tweets to basically say that Obama violated the Constitution but the next time he doesn't notify Congress impeachment will be around the corner. I actually have a hard time believing that, but hey who am I really?

In recent light with the debacle that we know of as Iraq, is a powder keg that's getting ready to explode. I heard on the news coming into work this morning that Obama, whatever his decision is on Iraq, he will not go through Congress. Last time I checked that's a total disregard to the Constitution. I think that anything he does in regards to Iraq, since the ISIS group isn't a direct threat to our nation at this time, should go through Congress first. Obama's not a king, dictator, emperor, etc. He needs to understand that there are checks and balances, and disregarding those balances of power is darn close to treasonous. I hope that Congress sees what is going on right now and acts accordingly. Do not wait until after the 2014 elections, Congress needs to act now. Obama has gone too far, and it seems that no one is willing to fight back. Hell, Obama feels so comfortable knowing that no one is going to fight back, that he pretty much makes it known what his agenda is. He and his administration are not even trying to hide anything anymore. Since the start of his 2nd term Obama has pretty much ran things the way he wants to, and Congress just sits there with their thumbs up their elitist asses. To me, that's pretty much telling me that they are on board not against what Obama is doing.  

Right now, we have a President that just signs executive orders on a whim. He gives weapons, high tech weapons at that, to KNOWN TERRORISTS and GROUPS, but wants to take my guns away from me? On top of that, there are these people whom I refer to DUMBASSES because they support this shit. Why would anyone want to disarm a group of people, who if the SHTF, would die protecting these very same DUMBASSES, but those DUMBASSES support to keep an oppressive government armed to dictate to the masses? It's almost along the same lines, at least to me anyway, government sponsored slavery.  Those in DC dictate on what we should do, what we should cut back on, how we need to live; while they live the life of luxury. This goes for both Republicans and Democrats.

I'm venting a bit here because a lot of things are going through my head right now. On well. I also came across a couple of great websites as well. Check out: and

Out for now, but will be back later.

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