Saturday, March 30, 2013

I know it has been a while since I posted and well, I have nothing to say. These last few months has had me so pissed off with what is going on in Washington that I couldn't even fathom a sentence.

What really gets me is the huge fight against our 2nd Amendment rights. Who the fuck gives the right to our government to just arbitrarily take those away? I am actually hearing that Biden is working hard to actually confiscate them. I thought the Supreme Court of the land has already said that infringing on gun rights is un-Constitutional. What the fuck gives our government the right to do anything like that? You have federal agencies such as DHS buying a shit ton of ammo. They say the need it for training. I call bullshit. Even though most agencies do buy ammo, they don't need millions and billions of rounds because not everyone uses a gun. I see the argument that what the DHS bought only gives 100 per agent. Since when does DHS, DOD, and others use hollow points? All government training is done using ball ammo, not hollow points. I even read that these agents train with actually what they use, that is such bullshit. I know for a fact that no one (maybe a very select few) in any government agency trains with hollow points. It's too expensive, what the DHS is doing is just buying ammo to stock pile it so that the citizens can't have it or drive the cost up to where the average citizen can't afford it.   If that is not a direct violation of our rights I don't know what it.

You know, I think that if there is a total gun confiscation it wouldn't last long. I think that the people would have had a enough and a few things will come of it.  Those who are for gun rights will actually start creating their own towns and what not, arm themselves, and live free prosperous lives which the Constitution protects.  The anti-gun sheeple will live in their utopia, but hate life non the same only because everything they do is forced on them by the government they created.

Election time is coming, and I hope that all of us pro gun people band together and make sure that these tyrants do not make it into office again.  What is going to happen if they do confiscate all of the guns? I think that would push people over the edge, but in a bad way.

We just have to work really hard to get and KEEP these tyrants out of office, there is an election coming up and I hope this is used to our advantage as a wake up call to those politicians.  If they don't do what we want, then you will be looking for another job. They work for us and I think that those politician forget that.

Till next time fuckers...

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