Saturday, April 20, 2013

Assault Weapons Ban

President Obama, in light of recent issues that has happened in the last week with the gun bills failing in the Senate and a terrorist attack in Boston, I think you need to worry more about protecting this country than having a hissy fit and crying because the people spoke maintaining our 2nd Amendment rights. When is it going to stop with you? You are pissed because you and Feinstein didn't get your way, so you are going to act like all socialist liberals act, and basically use your Presidential rights to limit ours. I don't think you understand that doing so will hurt any chance the Democrats have of gaining votes during the next election cycle, especially 2014. I also believe that doing what you want to do to limit the 2nd Amendment, using Executive power, will have major repercussions come in 2016. As a whole, the country isn't socialist or communist as you want us to believe. You use deceit and slight of hand to push your agenda. You, as a political head voted in by the people (somehow) have used your power to limit our rights since you have been in office. I think the Democratic controlled Senate understands that if they piss us off to much, they will no longer have a job. This is your last term, but what you are doing will affect the presidential election in 2016. Just sayin' Me.

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