Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dr. Kermit Gosnell, special MSM treatment?

So let me get this right, you have a doctor who is on trial for murder but the news doesn't really say anything about it except for the conservative channels. If you are wondering why it isn't on the news much , it's because while this doctor was doing the murdering, it was "fetuses" that he was killing. Making this too public would go against the liberal belief that abortion is ok and it's fine. What he was doing was aborting babies who were over the 24 week limit, which violates federal law, but some of the babies didn't die when administered drugs. Since the decision was previously made to abort the baby, and if the baby was born alive after the drugs was given, he would cut the spinal cord with a pair of scissors killing the baby then. Why isn't the media saying jack shit about this, but if someone beats a dog or kicks an elephant, it's front page news, PETA wants your ass in a sling, and it's a CNN special alert?! What the fuck people?!!! They have proof that these babies were alive and screaming when this doctor literally cut their spinal cord with a pair of scissors. I wish we treated those on death row this way, but that is inhumane. The same procedure is done while only the head is left in the birth canal too. Why is it ok to kill a baby like this, but it is considered inhumane to put a death row inmate, who is guilty of murder to death the same way? We consider ourselves as civilized, but we are far from it. Here are some posts about this guy. I hope this guy dies the same way his victims did. This guy disgusts me.

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