Thursday, August 15, 2013

1st Amendment rights no longer apply?

You know what irritates me, it's the fact the if someone in the public eye pokes fun of the president, they are punished. Did you hear about the rodeo clown who was banned from ever working in a rodeo again because he wore an Obama mask? Oh the horror.

Things that the liberal left said towards George W. Bush were a lot worse than that, but they got a free pass, because they hid behind the veil of being a public talk show host or a comedian.

Based on this, does this mean that because Obama is in office, we can't say anything towards him or his administration all because he's considered a Progressive liberal democrat (AKA: Communist). We have the freedom of speech, which limits the government and empowers the people.  What is really hurting us is the mainstream media. If they put something up to where everyone can see it all the time, people start believing it, even if it's a huge lie. The media was never behind George Bush, but they support the Obama administration with vigor. This is even after the scandal broke that the Obama administration was monitoring their private emails, phone calls, etc. They still support this tyrant like it's going out of style. I don't get it.

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